It's the end of 2009 today, and there were lots of things happened to me.

It's too complicated to share my feeling exactly, but one thing that I'm sure is how nice you guys are.

I don't know if I can go through so many things without you and I must say thanks to all of you.

I understand that I'm a person who is difficult to get along with( of course I mean when someone starts trying to understand me), but u guys always stay on my side. I believe that's why I can overcome those difficulties.

That is the most wonderful thing in my life to have u guys.

How adorable u are.

Saying goodbye to this year and looking foreward to next year, there are too many wishes that I want to make. However, the most important of all, wishing u guys to be happy ever and ever.

Happy new year.

p.s thanks for the cards and chocolate from u guys


  I am deeply appreciative of u and ur campany and support.
  And all I want to say is thank u and I love u so much.

dear T,

  Though we don't have much time to get together, but u are always one of the most important people in my life.

dear yu,

  Yeah, thinking about saying something sensitive to u always makes me feel awkward, but I do appreciate to have u.

dear skyblue,

  U give lots of support of spirit to me and I can't imagine how will it be without u. I'm lucky to meet u.

dear sis,

  Up to 80% u'll not to see these, but I just want to let u know that u are a great girl. No matter what u choose to do, I always on ur side.

dear Ivy, mountain, Sean, and other guys,

  Thank u for all of u done to me. I'm glad to make friends with u.


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